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Every journey starts somewhere. Every idea has a beginning. At OKWU, we believe that starting place is here in one of our OKWU Creative programs—Digital Cinema, Media Design, or Communications.​​​​​​​ Each one of these majors are designed to give our students the launching pad to a career God has called them to, a career where faith and passion work. Our programs are led by industry professionals who know what it takes to succeed in the industry and will work with each student to design a path of courses and experience that will lead to what's next. 
Media Design & Strategy
To address the need for skilled communicators with a strategic understanding of the contemporary marketplace, the Media Design & Strategy major is designed as a hybrid degree emphasizing both visual communication skills and marketing strategy and management. Students who desire strong training in business, strategy, design, and communication should consider this major.
Possible job opportunities for a Digital Cinema Major include:
Graphic Designer $55,740
Media Specialist $40,281
Advertising Designer $55,850
Social Media Director $56,571
Public Relations Specialist $56,770​​​​​​​
Project Manager $90,110
Career Opportunities Median Salary* 
Communication Arts
The major of Communication Arts equips students with the knowledge and skills to deploy visual, written and social media to reach audiences in our contemporary marketplace. Every organization faces the challenge of reaching out to audiences through multiple forms of visual, textual and digital communication. Our curriculum prepares students to meet that need by providing training in Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising. The successful graduate will emerge as a communication strategist as well as a skilled visual and written communicator.
Possible job opportunities for Communications Art Major include:
Public Relations Specialist $56,770
Marketing Consultant $57,610
Social Media Director $56,571
Project Manager $90,110
Account Director $114,775
Chief Marketing Officer $124,850
Global Marketing Manager $124,046
Career Opportunities Median Salary* 
Digital Cinema
Visual media is the cornerstone of modern communication
Possible job opportunities for a Digital Cinema Major include:
Film and Video Production $55,740
Film and Video Editor $68,440
Screenwriter $60,250
Broadcast Production$51,410
Documentary Filmmaker  $55,740
Public Relations Specialist $56,770
Project Manager $90,110
Career Opportunities Median Salary* 

OKWU equips students with technical knowledge and real world practical experience.
The Digital Cinema degree equips students to compete and thrive in a media saturated world. Students develop their area of expertise while participating with other students in production labs, in the course of an internship experience, and in a senior capstone project. Students emerge equipped to engage a marketplace where visual media plays a central role in nearly all communication.
Key Courses Include:  Photography, Video production , Scriptwriting, Video Editing
The Digital Cinema program at OKWU produces highly qualified graduates with the skills to succeed in the 21st Century Marketplace.
Meet Professor Evan E. Hewitt
The Digital Cinema Program at Oklahoma Wesleyan University is where great craft in cinematic storytelling and uplifting spirtual values meet.
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